What I want to accomplish in the next month

I have been studying for the Linux+ certification. I would like to take the certification exam by the end of this month. That is why I have set up an instance on Amazon EC-2 to have a lab environment to go over the commands that I should know for the exam.

I have used some of them on a pretty regular basis, but there are many that I may have only used once or twice in the last year. I need to brush up on the ones that I don’t use very often. I don’t want to break my physical devices, so a virtual one is the perfect practice lab. If I break it, I can destroy it and recreate it. Good practice anyway.

UPDATE: It is now the end of November, and I am still not confident that I will be able to pass the Linux + exam. I am still practicing in my lab. I am also setting up 3 different websites for my 3 domains that I have. This one is going to stay the same, but my other two are going to branch out in different directions.